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"The video is a collaboration between me, director Zofia Urszula Komasa, performance artist Bożna Wydrowska and model Weronika Ukleja and is a presentation of my collection. The concept originated with a part of my research centered around the archives of american vogue from the 50/60 where I kept noticing clothes were given names according to their “functions”, the functions being rather archaic and very specific , a “cocktail dress” a “after 5 pm coat” and “six o clock dress”.


I decided to give my looks names referring to entirely modern actions of a contemporary woman, a zoom look, a victory suit. In a conversation between Zofia, Bożna and myself we sketched out the “characters” that would wear each look, and Zofia and Bożna assigned very simple, but significant movements that speak to the “ function” and are repeated, growing in intensity. All the while Weronika walks in circles around Bożna referencing the couture presentations of the 50/60, held in salons, very intimate. The music is by Krzysztof Komeda, a polish composer active mainly in that time."

Director Zofia Urszula Komasa

Cinematography Tomasz Wierzbicki 

Editing Katarzyna Drozdowicz 

Performance Bozna Wydrowksa

Model Weronika Ukleja / Model Plus 

Make up Marianna Yurkiewicz 

Hair Lukasz Pycior

Styling Marcela Stanczyk

Brand Management Aleksandra Janiec

Words George Clark and Victoria Wetzell

Music Krzysztof Komeda from The Archive of Zofia Komeda Trzcinskaall rights reserved

Special thanks to  Krystyna Engelmayer Urbanska  and Jula Struzycka 

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