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"My collection titled SOCIALI/S/TE is a synthesis of the codes of Haute Couture and workwear inspired by the glamorous women that Truman Capote wrote about and photographs of working women in socialist Poland, two visions of femininity that came to meet when Jackie Kennedy and Lee Radziwill came to Warsaw in 1970.


The collection is essentially a wardrobe for a contemporary working woman, a woman who is in control of her narrative and expresses her confidence through uncompromising and total looks. The dominating blue color is a reference to classic workwear, which is combined with fine wools in windowpane and houndstooth patterns, all fully bonded with silk satin both to create a defined shape and give a luxurious finish. Every outfit has a matching pair of gloves and tights that continue the dynamic blue lines that run through the collection."

Photography Lukasz Kus

Make up Marianna Yurkiewicz 

Hair Lukasz Pycior

Styling Marcela Stanczyk

Model Weronika Ukleja/ Model Plus 

Brand Management Aleksandra Janiec

Special thanks to  Krystyna Engelmayer Urbanska and Jula Struzycka 

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